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JUN 2018

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Continuous Five-Axis Machining Method Reduces Tooling Costs Makino recognizes that recent trends in milling have focused greatly on the benefits of five-axis machining over traditional three-axis milling. However, most applications are not processed in true continuous five-axis motion, but rather in a 3+2 method that can result in more complex programming, undesirable surface blends and longer cycle times. Makino says that five-axis milling provides even greater potential and benefit to die/mold machining by using a true five-axis continuous (5XC) machining approach. In its booth, Makino will highlight the 5XC tech- nique for die and mold component manufacturing by showing large cycle-time savings, improvement in surface quality and reduced cutting tool costs with this method. Makino says that the 5XC process sim- plifies the milling cutter selection and eliminates the number of milling tools required to complete a part. This is accomplished by leveraging the 5XC motion of the machine tool to use the entire cutting surface of the tool, while a 3+2 process uses only a single contact point on the tool. | Makino | 513-573-7200 | Booth 111 GPMI IS YOUR COMPLETE CONTRACT MANUFACTURING SOURCE FOR PRECISION STEEL, ALUMINUM, BRASS, BRONZE AND COMPOSITE PRODUCTS. 700 E. Soper Road | Bad Axe, MI 48413 989-623-4099 | | Job Tracking Software Streamlines Shopfloor Processes TST Tooling will demonstrate its TSTracker and Estima- tor software, showcasing how the job tracking software streamlines shopfloor processes. The company also distributes Visi CAD/CAM/CAE and Visi-PEPS laser and wire software. Together, these programs aid design and manufacturing of plastic-injection molds, 2D through five-axis milling, electrode production and more. The company also sells and supports Factory Wiz Monitoring and DNC software and Dynaform Simulation software. | TST Tooling Software Technology LLC 248-922-9293 | | Booth 613 AMERIMOLD MMS JUNE 2018 180

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