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JUN 2018

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It's easy to say your tooling solves problems . It's harder to prove it. We prove it every day. 16 E. Piper Lane Prospect Heights, IL 847-749-0633 Stuck on a tough tooling challenge? Let us help. Heimatec isn't just a world leader in live tools, angle heads and multi-spindle drill heads; we're your source for problem solving and tooling application expertise. With years of hands-on experience and the most innovative tooling, we are your TOTAL solution source. Put us to the test and send us your toughest tooling challenge. US Representative: Schwanog LLC - Elgin, Illinois - Internal coolant supply Standard GWS-tool holder for shank size 12x12 GWS-TOOLING SYSTEM FOR SWISS-TYPE AUTOMATIC LATHES Eliminate unproductive set-up times. quick-changeable pre-settable coolant-thru Technological competence comes from Göltenbodt! INCREDIBLY RAVENOUS: THE GÖLTENBODT SET-UP MONSTER! Probe Filter Distinguishes False Triggering from Real Events Marposs will feature its WRP60P and WRP45P on-ma- chine touch probes with multichannel radio trans- mission designed for five-axis machining centers and milling machines. The WRP45P and WRP60P enable automatic part positioning, workpiece orientation and origin identification and can perform accurate part measurement, the company says. Using piezo-electric technology, these probes provide measurement perfor- mance on 3D surfaces with repeatability within 0.25 micron. In addition, a special filter helps to distinguish false-triggering events from actual touch events. The probes operate with the WRI receiver and have a range of 15 m, making them well suited for large machines. Also, because a line of sight between the touch probe transmitter and receiver is not required, complex surfaces and deep-cavity parts can be inspected. Measurements can be performed at depths as great as 1 m because of the modular structure and extensions of the probe. | Marposs Corp. | 248-370-0404 | Booth 116 Clamp Elements Are Versatile for Small-Batch Parts Production The clamping elements of Erowa's CleverClamp system are specifically tailored to the manufacturing of one-off and small-batch parts. The company says that they are simple to handle and serve a wide variety of applica- tions while decreasing setup times, speeding machining times and improving productivity. The basic rails of the CleverClamp system are cali- brated to fit the Erowa UPC and Erowa MTS production tooling systems. The wide range of clamping elements can be quickly positioned on the serrated base rails and can be oriented either horizontally or vertically. The base rails provide the flexibility to attach workpieces of vary- ing shapes and sizes in a limited amount of space. The CleverClamp system can also be universally automated, increasing spindle utilization by enabling machines to run unattended. | Erowa Technology Inc. | 847-290-0295 | Booth 420 PRODUCTS ON DISPLAY Modern Machine Shop 189

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