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JUN 2018

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MMS JUNE 2018 34 QUALITY GAGING TIPS Measurement Tools digital electronics. When computers were applied in geometry gaging, new digital filters were designed to simulate the response of the analog devices to generate results consistent with those from earlier gages. These quasi-analog filters are still in use today. The newest geometry gages incorporate 50 percent Gaussian filters that use true digital signal processing methods. (Gaussian refers to the bell- curve shape of the processed signal; the 50-per- cent figure refers to the amplitude cutoff.) These new filters are more accurate than 2RC filters and create less signal distortion. Again, the design engineers will specify which filters to use. 5. Ignoring advanced gage functions. Advanced metrology software can tell a user much more than simply whether a part is within toler- ance, which is the primary concern of the typical operator. In the hands of a skilled quality assur- ance technician, in-depth analysis may help deter- mine what is wrong in a production process, help correct it, and may even predict the performance of a "bad" part if it is installed. For example, slope analysis is an advanced analysis feature in part geometry. "Slope" is the rate of change of the radius with respect to the angle of rotation. If the longest and shortest radii occur within just a few degrees of rotation of one another, the slope connecting the two points on the circumference will be steep. On the other hand, if the longest and shortest radii occur diametrically opposite one another, the slope will be gradual. A given amount of out-of-roundness may be accept- able in some applications in which the slope is gradual but unacceptable if the slope is steep. In addition, while filtering techniques enable users to view the effect on out-of-roundness of several undulations within a relatively broad fre- quency, harmonic analysis enables a user to focus on a single harmonic or frequency. Geometry gaging can help manufacturers improve the quality and functionality of their designs, but some investment in training is required to reap the rewards. AUTHOR | George Schuetz Director of Precision Gages, Mahr Inc. EXPERIENCE THE ECONOMY OF QUALITY Invest in a world-class SPERONI Measuring System to reduce tooling changeover time, increase tool life and eliminate scrap due to worn cutting tools. Congratulations to Modern Machine Shop on 90 years of educating the industry. As BIG KAISER commemorates 70 years, we look forward to celebrating many more milestones together. Tool Holders | Boring Tools | Cutting Tools | Workholding | Tool Measuring |

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