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JUN 2018

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THE VIEW FROM MY SHOP MMS JUNE 2018 44 A Metalworking Leader's Perspective Good Leaders Have the Difficult Conversations Talking to someone about their work performance or behavior is never easy, but it must be done. TOM MARINI | PRESIDENT & CEO | MARINI MANUFACTURING INC. As a business owner or leader of an organiza- tion, few things are more difficult than having a conversation regarding work performance or behavior. We put this off for every reason imagin- able. We want to avoid conf lict, we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, and like most people, we want to be liked. So, while this aspect of your job will never be painless or easy, there are a few things that you can come to understand, as well as a process you can follow, to make these talks go smoother and increase the chances of a positive outcome. Here are a few points to understand about tough talks: • It is your responsibility as an owner or leader to deal with these situations. • Poor performance or behavior rarely, if ever, corrects itself. • Your organization has certain expectations that need to be met regarding conduct, attendance and performance. These need to be made clear. • Most people want to do good work and be a contributing member of the team. We owe it to that individual, to ourselves and to the organiza- tion to try and help them. • One employee's actions could affect the entire organization if left unaddressed. In most cases, this means it involves the morale and productivity of the entire team. Following a system or process will allow you to develop a standard routine and take steps to deal with difficult employee situations. The benefits are numerous. You will gain confidence in what you are doing by having a predictable path to follow, and you will have all your facts and thoughts assembled ahead of time. Also, you will be able to improve the individual steps of this system based on your own experience of facing such situations. Walking away from problems instead of addressing them can have a negative affect on your entire organization.

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