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JUN 2018

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MMS JUNE 2018 80 Machine Shops Take a Belting in the 1930s Depression With business way off because of the Great Depression, shops and plants were pulling back. However, the editor's column in the July 1932 issue of Modern Machine Shop advised readers to take advantage of the lull to plan and prepare for "the next cycle of prosperity by laying out the steps that can be taken to bring the plant to its highest point of efficiency." The specific steps he recom- mended are ones we would recognize today as lean manufacturing practices and refer to as value-stream mapping, cellular manufacturing and 5S. Some things never change. But other things do. The best way to power machine tools was changing radically, for example. In his column, the editor also called for plans to replace worn-out tools, machine parts, belts, pumps and other equipment. The belts he was referring to were, in fact, the leather belts that connected a rotating overhead lineshaft to the spindle drive on the machine by means of ceiling-mounted pulleys. Machining speed could be controlled roughly by moving the belt from one step to another on a cone- shaped pulley attached to the outer end of the machine's driveshaft. At the time, these belts represented the primary means of powering most machine tools and production equipment. So important and prevalent were these leather belts, that the lead article in that issue MARK ALBERT | EDITORIAL DIRECTOR JULY 1932 1928-2018 The three-part series from 1932 can be found at . ALL ABOUT BELTS

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