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1928-2018 MMS JUNE 2018 84 How They Rolled During World War II Here is a statement few would contest: U.S. manufacturing capability was vital to the Allied victory in World War II. Judging by the ads and articles in issues of Modern Machine Shop through the early 1940s, that same point was just as apparent while the war raged. Indeed, by 1943, manufacturers were already anticipating the coming victory. An ad from South Bend Lathe Works in that year invited readers to place advance orders for machines that would be manufactured for them just as soon as the needs of the War Department no longer dictated production. That same year, a nine-page feature article appeared in the pages of MMS that offered a detailed apprecia- tion for—of all things—roller bearings. The article caught my eye in no small part because the bearing is such a frequently under- appreciated component. Even among manu- facturers, the bearings allowing for smooth and precise motion of their machines are items rarely considered unless one fails. Yet the editors of Modern Machine Shop in 1943, and presumably the readers then as well, could easily recognize the significance of roller bear- ings as a component of the vehicles and weap- onry our forces were using to fight overseas. Nine pages about how Timken roller bearings are manufactured was apparently exactly the right piece for the time. PETER ZELINSKI | EDITOR-IN-CHIEF DECEMBER 1943 1928-2018 Find the original 1943 Timken article plus the ad from South Bend Lathe Works at . WARTIME READING

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