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MMS JUNE 2018 90 Dawn of Automated Machining Modern Machine Shop published just hints of numerical control (NC) prior to the July 1956 issue. For example, the May 1955 issue contains a two-page article titled "Tape-Controlled Boring," which appears to be the first time the magazine published an article about automated machining as an alternative to manual machining. The brief article presents an application of the "punched- tape prin- ciple" of automatic machine operation, describing "a standard four-spindle Ex-Cell-O precision boring machine modified with built-in electronic controls and circuitry and a tape 'reader' housed in a specially built control cabinet." One indication that the poten- tial impact of this type of technology perhaps was not appreciated or apparent at that early time was that this article was not promoted on the May cover as other articles were. Similarly, that article was followed by another in August 1955 titled "Tape Automated Machining," which describes Giddings and Lewis' "Numericord" technology that used punched magnetic tape to automatically drive machine movements. This story provides more detail about the concept, describing how the system would use a device called a "director" to convert paper to magnetic tape that would be read by the machine control. Still, NC was not mentioned. The July 1956 issue seems to contain the first specific mention of NC in a feature article (although the words "numerical control" are used only in a photo caption, not in the body of the article). As shown above, this article was DEREK KORN | EXECUTIVE EDITOR JULY 1956 1928-2018 Read about the early efforts to establish push-button machining operations at . EARLY NC

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