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JUN 2018

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MMS JUNE 2018 94 The Radical Becomes Practical in the 1960s Known mostly for sweeping cultural and polit- ical change, the 1960s also were shaped by machining technology. Pastel-toned Modern Machine Shop issues from that decade feature images of jets and rockets, evidencing the primacy of the space race and the Cold War and the associated need to deal with new materials and material requirements. The first articles appeared about industrial lasers, and about electrical discharge machines (EDMs) that could cut with wire rather than solid elec- trodes. Perhaps most notably, the first MMS issues published without ads on the cover were also among the first to regularly dive deep into numerical control (NC) technology. Running mostly on perforated tape, NC machine tools were becoming small and inexpensive enough to change life within the shop as radically as new attitudes and ideas were changing life outside it. "There is the likelihood of a bleak future" for shops that do not stay abreast of the latest NC developments, wrote then editor Fred Vogel in November 1964. And yet, even in a column surrounded by editorial and ads alike cheer- leading NC's proliferation, his tone remained measured. "It would be foolhardy to quickly discard those processes that have proven them- selves for the past century and enjoy many inherent advantages," he continued. "There is a real need for both the new and traditional, and the wise production man will coolly evaluate each situation and make his choice based on facts and not emotion." MATT DANFORD | SENIOR EDITOR NOVEMBER 1964 1928-2018

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