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JUL 2018

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BETTER PRODUCTION MMS JULY 2018 106 DATA MANAGEMENT 877.689.1860 | Demand Quality – Insist on MP Systems High coolant temperatures can cause thermal expansion and create machining challenges. Adding a chiller can help eliminate them. Find out if your processes would benefit by ordering a free Chiller Test Kit at: Beat the HEAT The addition of the engineering department meant that the company suddenly had new doc- ument-management requirements that did not exist when it was just a contract manufacturing facility. Companies in the aerospace and mili- tary sectors have additional security concerns like international traffic in arms regulations (ITAR) that require them to restrict access, a process that can become unwieldy when data is stored in network folders. Further complicat- ing the matter was the company's growth. With more than 150 employees, managing access to resources required a lot of effort by IT staff and administrators. The company was wasting time, and employees were having difficulty finding the correct data. Using incorrect data could lead to production errors and impact schedules. EAG began to search for a solution that could address data integrity, revision control, review, validation and security. The company turned to PLM software to solve the growing pains of data management. Because the company uses multiple CAD sys- tems, it needed a PLM system that would inte- grate well with all of them. EAG had also grown through acquisition, so its database users were spread across various locations. With future acquisitions likely, the company needed a web-based app that remote users, some with- out high-speed internet, could access. Cost was another factor, as a significant number of employees needed to use the PLM software for managing engineering and manufacturing data. Finally, the data-migration process was a consideration. For successful integration, the company needed a solution that could access data from multiple network folders across sev- eral acquired companies. These criteria led EAG to select PTC's Windchill PLM system. The company says it was able to deploy the PLM system with relative ease and speed; how- ever, because PLM software is typically geared to engineers and content creators, EAG realized that downstream users, like machinists, were having issues using it. Each Windchill user needed training and support, as well as an account and a license. The cost was determined by the number of users, and the company was paying for access for employees who did not know how to use the system. Additionally, data was still stored in mul- tiple locations, so some users were still searching network folders to find data. EAG found a solution to these problems in another PTC product, an app called ThingWorx

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