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JUL 2018

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MODERN MACHINE SHOP 113 BETTER PRODUCTION Collet Chucks Overcome Distortion On-Site Training | Personalized Service | Lifetime Warranty FOCUSED ON FLEXIBILITY? WE HAVE THE MODULAR SOLUTIONS. Baseplate & Tombstone Configurations Reduce Setup Times Interchangeable Components Our system of modular fixturing for machining delivers the ultimate in flexibility and dramatically reduces the time it takes a machinist to set up a fixture in a CNC mill. With over 250 standard modular pieces to choose from, custom fixtures can be built for any size or shape part in a matter of minutes. • Modular Fixtures for Vertical & Horizontal Machining Centers • We can design modular fixturing for large or small parts • Our experienced team can help you get started by selecting the right package of tooling to fit your specific needs Call 800-535-0135 to speak with an Application Engineer today. VISIT US: NORTH HALL, BOOTH 236557 Gears range in size from less than 0.5 inch to as large as 16 inches in diameter, and the shop pumps out 2 to 3 million gears per year in both high- and low-volume orders. Within the automated machining cells, f lex- ibility and fast change-over hinge on several key factors, one of which is workholding. Cell workholding must enable the shop to do these change-overs as quickly and as effortlessly as possible while also providing the capability to be loaded by the automation system. "In a cell- based manufacturing environment like ours, when workholding fails or takes too long to change over, it shuts down the entire produc- tion of that cell," says Ricky Quek, engineering manager. The most common chuck design for hard-turning applica- tions utilizes a jaw with three to six points of contact. Unfortunately, the processes of hob- bing and heat treating can distort the teeth of a gear. This distor- tion can then interfere with clamping. If a jaw clamps down on a dis- torted tooth, the whole workpiece will be at an offset angle. This interferes with inspec- tion and can potentially lead to a scrapped part. Compensating for this phenomenon involves spending time on a series of inspections and adjustments, repeating and rechecking until the gear is correct. For each inspection, Global Gear would have to wait for one of its inspectors to have an opening. However, the KZF-S collet chuck from Röhm Products of America (Suwanee, Georgia) pro- vides gripping that heat treating will not offset. A Collet Chuck Made for Gears Four of the shop's newest cells use workholding from Röhm, and two of those cells use the KZF-S. Rather than clamping onto a few points of a gear's diameter, the collet tightens the chuck on all points of a gear's teeth, improving WORKER-FRIENDLY AUTOMATION Automation can be daunting to a machine shop, but saving on labor costs can safeguard your labor force. autsaflab

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