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JUL 2018

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TOOLING AND WORKHOLDING MMS JULY 2018 124 Booth #135037 Introducing our new line of EROWA SmartChucks. The updated design combines our renowned precision and stability with wireless signal transmission. The integrated LED indicates the status directly on the chuck and data can be viewed via the EROWA mobile app. Equipment info, status requests and life cycle can be accessed at any time! Innovative solutions from EROWA... preparing you for the next evolution in manufacturing. Industry 4.0 Intelligently Connected Multilayer Insert Coating Enhances Steel Machining Kyocera Corp. has developed a durable coating tech- nology and base material for its indexable cutting tool inserts. The CA025P CVD-coated carbide grade is designed for durability and resistance against wear, fracturing and chipping. The company's new cutting tool series features this multilayer CVD coating with a layer using a thick film of aluminum oxide for high heat resistance. Cemented carbide is used as a base material to promote fracture resistance, long-term performance and longer tool life. During the cutting process, the surface structure of the coating resists welding and chipping of the insert. The cutting tools accommodate a range of machining applications from roughing to finishing with the avail- ability of four chipbreaker styles: PG, GS, PQ and PP. The PG chipbreaker is for interrupted medium to rough- ing-type machining, providing good chip control and a tough cutting edge for stability. The GS chipbreaker, for continuous machining, offers low resistance with com- plex land. The PQ chipbreaker, for finishing to medium cutting, prevents chip clogging and lowers cutting resis- tance during high-feed machining. The PP chipbreaker, for finishing, prevents chip clogging and chip recutting at higher feed rates and small depths of cut. The tools are designed to reduce the frequency of insert replace- ments and to improve production yield. | Kyocera Precision Tools Inc. | 800-823-7284 Grooving Tool Features Coolant Delivery System Arno Werkzeuge USA offers its SE system of cutting tools and inserts designed to optimize turning, grooving, parting-off and copy turning operations. The monoblock holder uses double-ended inserts for high-productivity machining. The Arno Coolant System (ACS) provides coolant directly to the cutting edge. The series is available in a variety of tooling con- figurations and sizes, including inserts with groove widths from 0.079" to 0.236" (2 to 6 mm) with three geometries and available in five different grades. The M2 sintered geometry is designed for grooving, turning and copy turning in steel and stainless steel. The T1 sintered geometry is for machining steels and stainless steel materials, as well as thin-wall machining. The ALU high-precision ground geometry is available for nonfer- rous materials, from aluminum to plastic. | Arno Werkzeuge USA 800-943-4426 |

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