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JUL 2018

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MMS JULY 2018 126 JEDD COLE | EDITOR | Systems and Software Metrology Software Update Can Be Used with Legacy CMMs Verisurf 2018 is the latest release of the measurement software for automated quality inspection, reporting, scanning, reverse engineering, tool building and assem- bly guidance. The system includes universal coordinate measuring machine (CMM) compatibility as a key option. The software opens all CMMs to the users, including previously closed legacy systems, streamlining productiv- ity and training. Universal CMM does not require controller upgrades or added software, as the legacy CMM data is translated to take full advantage of the software offerings. The software communicates between the standards- based I++ protocol and CMM controllers, enabling seam- less interoperability between hardware and software. If needed, operators can continue to use legacy inspection programs while using Verisurf. Inspection programs created for a CNC CMM can also be used on portable systems. By operating all measuring devices with the same metrology software, managers can better utilize both technology and workers, the company says. The update adds programming shortcuts and pro- ductivity features like automatic feature recognition that enables any CAD feature to be selected and immediately added to an inspection plan. Other features include quick measurement of torus shapes for parts such as O rings, the ability to use the probe shaft for measuring thin edges, improved mesh editing, and added mesh Boolean controls for combining and dissecting meshes with intersecting geometry. Updated management features are said to make producing and delivering reports quicker and easier. | Verisurf Software Inc. | 714-970-1683 | Software Simplifies Data Management, Business Metrics ECi has released JobBoss 2018 enabling business owners and managers to make sense of continuously expanding data and more easily gain insights on key business metrics. The update includes dozens of usabil- ity improvements. The software provides all areas of the business access to real-time visual information on quoting, company efficiency, job status and more. User-specific security and accessibility pro- vides the right information to the right person, displaying key information in easy-to-con- sume visual dashboards. Over 20 pre-built widgets enable users to navigate dashboards to individual transactions and job data, improving their ability to access and respond to critical shop data. This release also launches a strategic relationship with Lojic Dashboards that provides customizable dash- boards as an optional upgrade. The optional dash- boards are also mobile-friendly, so users can view them from anywhere and display role-specific data via monitors on the shop floor. Efficiency improvements to the upgrade process are also being released as part of the update. | JobBoss | 800-777-4334 |

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