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JUL 2018

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MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW SPOTLIGHT | Grinding MMS JULY 2018 136 Tool Grinding Center Processes Finish Milling Cutters Holroyd Precision's CS700E tool grinding center is designed to grind high-accuracy profile forms on finish milling cutters as large as 700 mm in diameter. The machine is said to enable manufacturers of larger helical components to achieve accuracy and repeatability by giving them control of all aspects of the cutting tools. The machine produces high-accuracy profile forms on a range of materials, from high-speed steel to carbide and cermet finish machining systems. Automatic dressing stations ensure the grinding wheel's integrity. They are equipped to condition cBN and diamond grinding wheels, while HSK-A160 arbors (as fitted to 8EX rotor milling machines) are said to enable fast wheel change-over times and enhance accuracy. The user-friendly touchscreen programming system is designed to provide control over production accuracies. The grinding center automatically scans the tool profile during the grinding cycle. After probing, the tool profile is graphically superimposed over the theoretical profile and displayed within user-defined tolerance bands, so that cutter blades are ground within controlled limits. | Holroyd Precision Limited | 44 17 06 52 6590 Diamond Grinding Wheels Produce Less Sparks, Odor Innovative Products of America introduces its 3-in-1 diamond grinding wheels. Available in 2" and 3" diam- eters, the wheels are designed for use with high-speed die grinders. The grinding disc features a diamond abrasive edge that is said to last 20 to 60 times longer than traditional abrasives. In addition to maintaining size and shape, the diamond grinding wheels cut quickly and produce less sparks and odor, the company says. The three-dimensional coating enables back cutting, gully grinding and bead finishing in difficult-to-reach areas. | Innovative Products of America Inc. 888-786-7899 |

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